Why are Japanese Women so Beautiful? 日本人女性はなぜ美しいのか?

At the Miss Universe 2007, a Japanese representative was selected as the most beautiful woman in the world. 

Last year, a Japanese representative reached the second place in the contest.

Coincidentally, Dr. J. Hyde, who is well known worldwide for his studies into beauty, wrote a book to be published soon titled “Why are Japanese Women so Beautiful?”
折しも、美人学の研究で世界的に知られる J.ハイド博士が執筆した「日本人女性はなぜ美しいのか」がまもなく出版される。

Q: What kind of book is it?                         

Dr.: It is not often reported that the average of the three body measurements (bust, waist and hips) of Japanese women in their 20’s show an ideal proportion that show off women at their most beautiful.                       
博士:あまり知られていないことなのですが、20代の日本人女性のスリーサイズの平均は、女性が最も美しく見える理想のプロポーションな のです。

Even in their 50’s, Japanese women often maintain fresh-looking skin, and furthermore, they have the longest life spans in the world.

This book discloses their amazing secrets.           

Q: Some people said that their beauty is related to healthy diets that include fish.

Is this it?    

Dr.: No. according to the survey, contemporary Japanese, especially young people, have a tendency to eat less fish every year.

On the contrary, they are eating more and more meat. 

My studies illustrate that the secret of Japanese women’s beauty lies in lifestyles.

Q: What do you mean by that?  

Dr.: Their beauty is due to their lifestyles where they depend so much on their parents, even after they become adults. This lasts until they marry. 
They live with their parents and do not pay for their living expenses, food, and so on.

Even those women who live in rental accommodation are very often financially supported by their parents.  

In Japanese society, these practices are normal and allow Japanese women to spend large amounts of money in order to make themselves look more beautiful with cosmetics, diets, hair-styles, make-up and everything from clothes and shoes to ornaments and bags.
それが普通の日本の社会では、美しく見せるために彼女たちは化粧品、ダイエット、ヘアスタイル、メークアップ などに、さらには衣服、靴から装飾品、バッグにまでお金を注ぎ込むことが可能なのです。

Q: Well, then, doesn’t this means that they are using money to buy their beauty?

Dr.: That’s right. But, the attracting power of their beauty that has been created by money is actually the secret of creating real beauty.

In other words, the more often women are looked at and admired by men, the more adrenaline it produces in their brains to encourage them to become even more beautiful.
 つまり、女性は男から見られたり、 ほめられたりすればするほど脳からアドレナリンが発生し、より美しくなっていきます。

Since women instinctively sense this mechanism, they do their best to attract men’s eyes by wearing mini-skirts, showing their belly buttons, or putting on sexy dresses with plunging necklines, and so on.                            
それを本能的に知っている女性はミニスカートをはいたり、へそをだし たり、あるいは胸元が大きく開いた誘惑的な衣服などで男の目を引きつけようとするのです。

Q: This is the same as a flower that blooms in beautiful colors and seduces insects?

Dr.: You are right. at one stage, Japanese women were called “Yamato Nadeshiko.”

They shyly covered their mouths with their hands when they laughed and this attractive hesitance charmed foreign men.      

However, modern Japanese women put on their make up without a care even in the trains and don’t feel bashful about doing so.

You could say that Japanese women are creating their beauty by using money.

However, in Japan there is a system that makes this possible.
しかし、日本 にはそれを可能にするシステムがあります。

Q: What do you mean by that?                       

Dr.: To become beautiful, Japanese women don’t care at all how much it will cost them.

The more they purchase the cosmetics and big-name brand products, the more the companies that sell those products will profit.

This in turn stimulates the Japanese economy, and consequently reflects in an income increase for women and their parents, and as a result they will spend even more money on their beauty.

This circulating system is making Japanese women look beautiful.
この循環システムこそが日本 人女性を美しくしているのです。

*Watering is necessary to keep flowers beautiful.      
Gentlemen! Remember that you are required to glance at women sometimes – sorry – frequently – in order to keep them beautiful.

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